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For years I have been inspired by the words of Alan Watts. One of the great speakers and interpreters of Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism for a Western audience.

This 4-minute video is about the grip of the vicious circle of worry. To see if there is a possibility to let the mind at rest. Because, in the end, it is about knowing how to leave the mind alone.

And then, it will quiet itself.

The spiritual teacher Ram Dass is a great inspiration to sink deeper into yourself and connect to that existential source of trust. In this video he explains the importance of the fact that you are not your mind and how this insight can help us to come out of our feelings of unworthiness. See the mind just for what it is, just thoughts, just mind.

Sometimes things have to fall apart to come together again my dear friend. Disturbing every little inch of seemingly solid soil, just to make new pathways.

Digging up old dirt.

Untangling like an old ball of wool.

Unraveling to undo the old.

Uprooted to let the fresh and alive and brave one move in.

And in that ominous space there is nothing to hold on to. No life-line, no safety-net, nothing to lean against.

Nothing to do, except to grow roots.

Because while the top gives height,

the bottom gives depth.

While the sky provides space for branches,

the ground gives way to roots.

Because yes,

sometimes we have to fall to climb back up again.

And it is often when you find yourself on your knees, bare, open, fragile, hurt, that is where you find your courage, strength, a faith and a trust you never knew you had.

Don’t worry. It is not a bad thing to be down there.

Not buried, but planted.

Not buried, but planted.

Not buried, but planted.

Waiting for the time to bloom again.

Spring is almost here.

As an explorer of the internal and external human landscape, Fenja is interested in our human quest for development and connection to the greater whole. She investigates the intersections between transformation, wisdom, nature, embodied doing, innovation, art & design, meditation and our human primordial sense of trust. Sometime she writes her findings on Instagram and here on the Navigate on Trust blog.
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