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No new year resolutions

As the end of the year is approaching, I just want to tell you, relax, don’t worry, you don’t have to have goals for the year to come. You don’t have to set intentions. Don't make resolutions. It's ok to feel satisfied in the place where you are. If you have no new great plans for the future, no businesses to build, no world-changing ideas, nothing to do bigger or better, don’t judge yourself, don’t condemn, don’t think something is wrong.

Because it’s hard to live in a society is trying to live more mindful, slower, with less of more, while the structures, traditions and expectations of that society are still completely focused on getting things done. The modern world is built on making plans. On manifesting. On making profit. On doing something, anything, to be successful, to make money, or just to simply survive.

Probably that’s why there hangs a collective terror around the idea of taking things easy. On letting business run its course. On doing nothing for a while. Regarding those who don’t know what they want in the foreseeable future as purposeless, numb, lazy, depressed, scared, without direction …

And so with the New Year in sight, it can be extremely frightening to have no plans. It can be very uncomfortable to not set any goals. It may be unthinkable to catch a breath from that last “big thing” (a relationship, job, giving birth, setting up your business, overcoming that life hurdle, you name it). You may distrust your need for silence. You may feel ashamed to let war and climate change wear on (which doesn’t mean we don’t care about it).

It makes me think of the words of a good friend a while back. In the face or big and small life challenges, he proposes to do nothing for a while. To see what happens if we would stop the madness of “doing”. He says there is a good chance our problems would organically dissolve. Like an answer that comes to us when we stop thinking about it. Like the animals that returned to our cities during the worldwide lockdown. Like a lover who comes closer when we stop pushing and forcing.

So this New Year I just want to say, don’t worry about setting goals or have intentions. Things don’t have to be bigger or better, and you don’t have to arrive at that success, status, dream, ideal. In fact, giving up the go-getting mentality might be the healthiest thing you have done in a long time.

Be proud to be content in the place you are. Feel satisfied with everything that you have. Marvel at the beauty that is present in your life. It’s ok when you have no idea where you’re heading. Feel free to get lost for a while. Be brave and let it all go. But just promise me this: wherever you are be completely present. Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do. Don’t be hard on yourself, but never negate your deepest feelings and longings. Stay true and honest. Always listen to the signs of life. When you are content to be who and where you are, life will always move in the right direction. When you practice non-doing and not-forcing, everything will fall into place.


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