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What is meditation?

What is meditation?

MEDITATION is to stop that inner dialogue. To discover if my mind with all its feral thoughts, convictions and beliefs can pause conversing and be silent — if only for a moment. Not by force, because the moment I force, conversation begins again ... duality. The one saying “you must be quiet” and the other that telling to “shut up.” The inner me telling “things should be like this” and the other curating this as right or wrong. Two voices quareling in the same dimension.

MEDITATION means to roam a different land altogether. From the space of my being observe all that is going on. Observe the movement of my mind, its patterns, twists and turns. Its fears, limitations, wantings and wishes. Not acting upon it but simply observing. And when I do this — when I see the structure of my mind — then by its own nature, it will become quiet. It will become still and I will activate a tremendous force. An act of attention that, actually, can move mountains. An intense seeing that becomes the spring of intelligent activity. This, then, is MEDITATION in its greatest form.


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