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Practice allowing what-is

One of the most essential and simple (and at the same time challenging) practices of True Trust is accepting, working and moving with what is arising from moment to moment.

Moving through life from a deep sense of trust means to be able to surrender to what life gives me right now, at this moment.

Whether it is a change of plans, whether it is pain, joy, sadness, inspiration, laughter, frustration, excitement, but it means to work with exactly that what is arising in the field of life.

It means to take that thing, that situation, that problem, that feeling, that reality—good or bad, happy or sad, easy or challenging—and treat it as the right starting point into the future.

True Trust means to trust that thing that arose because it is what came out all of life’s elements and forces. It is what came out of all the possibilities in the underlying field of intelligence.

Because when I do this, when I embrace everything with open the acceptance of a trustful lover of life, what happens?

This is where life comes to life. This is when I give space for things to start moving, transforming. What in science is called holoflux: the flowing movement of all that is, the ground of our being, the mysterious domain in which mind, matter, and meaning are an organic whole.

But this movement into flow and flux will only happen, and can only happen, through my ability to say yes to what-is. Not by resisting. Not by fighting, contradicting, by saying no.

Only by saying yes life will open the door.

Only by saying yes life will open the door.

The door to more life.

The door to possibilities and opportunities.

The door to my evolution.

And from this arises a tremendous amount of trust.


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