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Awaken, more deeply, to who you are and to what you came here to do—as an evolutionary partner of the planet’s wellbeing.
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Fenja elevates your consciousness and rekindles your sense of connection.


Through sessions, programs, and personal trajectories, she weaves the inner development tools from mind, body, and consciousness, with the threads of purpose, design, vision, innovation, and life's creative unfolding. 


Whether you embark on a personal transformational journey, or if you wish to unfold a project, work on the development of a career or business, trust to be birthed from a deep point of connection. Grow into who you are meant to be as an evolutionary parter within the web of the interconnected whole.

Are you looking for ways to ...

– DEEPEN your connection with life and yourself? Discover the new layers of who you are and what is driving you.

– FIND clarity and direction in a time of inner change and turmoil; guidance through grounded spirituality?

—QUIET your busy or fearful mind? Reduce action-modes ways of doing and find peace and contentment in the midst of the busy daily existence.

– START a project or creative undertaking from a deep point of self-connection; find the forms, words, and images that reflect your evolutionary potential?

–STEP into trust and flow; get the right tools to engage with a new way of living?

—LET GO of control? Let your life, relationsips, and projects unfold in co-creation with the creative power of life.

And do you want this from a place of ease and effortlessness instead of force and pressure? Then this retreat might be something for you.
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Monthly trust-circles with (more) experienced trust-practitioners. These sessions function as the backbone to deepen our existential feeling of trust in all aspects of existence—life, work, and relationships.


Highly personalized awakening and envisioning trajectories. Inclusive journeys to personal and professional expansion; to enlighten your personal existence and to serve the evolutionary power of all life


I find myself using tools I learned from Fenja almost daily. Just in the last 24 hours I’ve found myself in a situation that has caused me anxiety, and instead of trying to distract myself from the anxiety or resolve things as soon as possible, I’ve been allowing the feeling of discomfort, locating it in my body, breathing into it, and simply noticing all the ways my mind is scrambling to “handle” or get rid of the situation. It feels a whole lot like self care on a deep level! Her wisdom has truly been a lifeline for me.


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