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A deep partnership guiding you to be all that you can be.



These deep coaching partnerships are inclusive journeys to your personal and professional expansion. The deep realization and inspired activation of your personal potential within the interconnected web of life. 

In these trajectories, Fenja draws on her many years of experience, tools, and insights in the development of consciousness; as a long-term practitioner of mindfulness and meditation; as a creator of culture; as a designer, art director, and curator; as a trust & transition guide; and, perhaps, most of all, as an experienced practitioner of life and creative unfolding.


She turns these experiences into the fertile soil through which you can come alive on extraordinary levels.  

In these trajectories, you focus on inner workouter work, or a combination of both.

What will we do in these trajectories?

Depending on the focus of these trajectories, you’ll be guided through unique principles of trust igniting your ability to connect to the creative power of life; you’ll investigate the (mythical) formulation of your mission, vision, and purpose; and envision your place in an interconnected world; formulate new possibilities. 

You'll receive energizing and revolutionizing meditation and transmission sessions; embody your "what's next" in energy, attitudes, and points of attraction; have the initial design, words, and images to take steps regarding your purpose or project; in other words you unfold the next phase in your life from a deep sense of connection, aliveness, ease and effortlessness.


These sessions are for next-level leaders, conscious creatives, soul-driven entrepreneurs, guides, coaches, teachers, and other agents of change wishing for aligned action from a deep point of connection – in order to make a significant contribution to life, their family, or the larger community.

These trajectories include:

  • Initial orientation during which you and Fenja establish the purpose and intention for your work;

  • A profound deepening in your personal or professional journey;

  • Exploration of new attitudes, life choices and/or new projects that are more in alignment of who and where you are in your life's journey;

  • The right words and images (and when needed design) to support that journey.

You'll receive:

  • (Online) sessions, a spiraling deep dive to (re)focus and refine;

  • Tools and practices that ignite and sustain the ongoing stages of your development as well as the evolution of your main projects and intentions;

  • Inner work: tools and guidance to tap into the evolutionary principles of body, mind, and life;

  • Outer work: deep purpose discovery and formulation, design set-up to kick start your project or new business.

*** Optional ​within these trajectories are a multiple-day deepening in Fenja’s retreat space in Morocco and additional guidance and coaching, project development and strategic support by Fenja’s larger trust-circle. 

“It is hardly easy to make a quantum leap into a radically new way of being aligned and adequate to the call of our wild time. It requires a radical upgrade of our efficacy and impact in our Outer Work. That coincides with a profound transition in our Inner Work.”




These trajectories

Are tailor-made and focus on inner work, outer work, or a combination of both. An alchemical space to ignite spiritual growth, propel personal deepening, refine gifts, clarify visions, create aligned design and appropriate courses of action.


Investment for these trajectories depends on time, focus, and intensity. These trajectories usually vary from 1 to 4 months.

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A life guide to become the best version of you.

"This trajectory is full of practical tools that will translate complex spiritual concepts into everyday life tips to grab and embrace yourself, your path and the Universe that we are part of.”

Reyna, Social entrepreneur & conservation manager Galapagos Island
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