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Rediscover your place in the world. Find clarity in the midst of chaos and inner turmoil. Get unstuck and ignite a new life phase by uncovering your purpose on the deepest levels.

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It’s not at all easy to find clarity and direction in the pressure cooker of modern life. Inspired action—action that sprouts from love and a still point of connection—is difficult under the ticking clock of time and the immediate demand for results.


And although there are no guarantees on any journey, when we start to engage with what feels most alive and what we feel toward our true calling, things naturally start to emerge. 


Patterns start to change. Habits are transmuted. Ideas and projects start to evolve.

What will we do in these sessions?

In these sessions, we take a moment to stand still and listen. We investigate the root of what has been lingering in the background.

Through deep reflection, you’ll gain insight into the more complex patterns that play out in your mind and the greater structures in which you are embedded. ​Through meditation, Fenja guides you into deeper layers of self and the themes or obstacles that may have been slowing you down.


Because often, it are our internal mechanisms and hazy horizons that keep us from progressing and taking inspired action.

In these sessions, we focus on 
inner work or outer work.
Dark Background


Do you feel internally summoned to explore new layers of your being? To find a sense of inner freedom and embrace a more spirit-motivated approach to work and living. You wish to come alive on a new level; more depth, mystery, contentment, and practically applied wisdom in the midst of daily existence.


And do you recognize one, or more, of the following:

—STRESS, fatigue, perhaps you're on the edge of a burnout
—A FEELING of disconnection, lack of clarity and focus

—A RESTLESS mind, plagued by thoughts, fear, stress, or worry
—HAVE EXPERIENCED loss of traumatic life event
—YOU KEEP going back to old, and sometimes unhealthy, habits
—A LACK of energy, commitment and purpose
—THE FEELING you’re not living up to your full potential
—A RECURRING problem in your relationship
—A NAGGING feeling of discontent

Then these sessions are something for you.


Through these sessions, you’ll find perspective in the midst of doubt, chaos, and uncertainty. Receive insight to support you in shedding old skins and revealing new, more inclusive, layers of self.

Because you’ve tried to tackle some of these challenges yourself—through reading, and different online and offline efforts—but you realize that true transformation and moving beyond certain patterns asks for deep understanding, embodied guidance, and applying the right tools at the right time. 

What is unique about these sessions is that we navigate your inner and outer landscape on different levels. We take a helicopter view of mind, body, and being; individual, relational, and systemical; ratio, intuition, and the sweet spot in between.


These sessions are for conscious leaders, leading creatives, inspirited entrepreneurs, soul-driven adventurers, service-providing well-being workers, and other authentic characters looking for inner transformation, clarity and trust in the midst of their daily existence.

Dark Background


A new level of self-realization is often accompanied by a new vision for the world. The deep understanding of what you came here to do as a steward of the earth. Now you wish to authentically and innovatively expresses your purpose, project, career or business.


And do you long for one, or more, of the following:

GET UNSTUCK and move beyond the feeling of being bored or unfulfilled
—REFINE and clarify your vision and ignite an aligned course of action
—FORMULATE your purpose on a deep, mythical, level
—GAIN a helicopter view of a project, career, or business
—FIND the starting point for the “what’s next” phase in your life from a deeply
embodied place of being
—INTERACT with somebody who understands your essence and sees your full potential
—TRANSLATE visions, feelings and ideas into the right concepts, words and images
—A PARTNER in complexity and possibility thinking

Then these sessions are something for you.


These sessions are a deep exploration of the "what's next" phase in your life. To clarify your role in the larger human, and more-than-human, community and connect with the energy and plan for your larger life.

Because although you have taken significant steps on the road to something new, you feel that getting support in the formulation, expression, and activation of your purpose will bring it to optima forma. 

Through deep reflection, envisioned meditation, and channeled design, we get to the root of who you are, what’s driving you, and what, effortlessly, wants to be born within your spring ground of creative emergence.


These sessions are for next-level leaders, conscious creatives, soul-driven entrepreneurs, guides, coaches, teachers, and other agents of change wishing for aligned action from a deep point of connection – in order to make a significant contribution to life, their family, or the larger community.


"I guide unique individuals ready to navigate their life, work or business from a deep feeling of connectedness.

Inner transformation, aligning vision, mission, and action are the focus points of these sessions.

Throughout the years, I have worked with numerous individuals and groups—in the development of consciousness, the deep waters of transformation, the mastery of the mind, but also in the discovery of purpose and the creative and innovative unfolding of projects, careers, and new ways of working."


Availability & Prices

These sessions

Ignite spiritual growth, propel personal deepening, refine gifts, clarify visions and create courses of action. Through these sessions, we strive for happiness, success and fulfillment in the largest sense of the word.

What's included

  • An online 75-minute session guided by Fenja

  • A deep, yet no-nonsense approach, through deep reflection and guided meditation

  • Clarity and additional tools, insights, and practices for your ongoing journey


Single session

Northern hemisphere incomes € 97,-
Southern hemisphere incomes € 77,-

3 session series 

Northern hemisphere incomes €247,-
Southern hemisphere incomes €197,-



Book your session directly through the online calender.


Let's have a what's app chat to see if these sessions are something for you.


Feel free to send an email with a question or inquiry.


A clear awareness of the negative patterns of my mind and the effect these have on my life. The understanding that I can choose not to identify with the mind has given me a sense of hope and freedom and I am excited to strengthen my awareness even further, using the tools provided.


Yoga teacher

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