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We all know that grief comes in many forms. The loss of somebody, recent, or a loss that you have been carrying for years. The loss of a home, a job, or a wish that remains unfulfilled. Grief means anything that brings you a profound sense of sadness.

The monthly Grief & Grace sessions are a safe resting place to be with that grief. Not as a way to rid yourself of it, but as a possibility to weave grief into your life, because it is a guest that appeared at your doorstep. 


In these sessions, we explore grief and loss from a place of deep presence and acceptance. We open ourselves up to new forms that might appear out of the dark places of creation.

Guided from personal experience

It was Fenja's own personal loss that sparked this offering. Losing her partner, and truly surrendering to his passing, including the gift that was hidden in it, is how she learned to meet life to its fullest.


This deep state of opening and acceptance brought her into a continuing feeling of lightness and a sense of freedom, which is her deep wish for you too.


What will we do?

In these sessions, guided by Fenja, we explore grief through meditation, by sharing questions, insights and experiences.


We will use meditation as a tool to guide our inner landscape and bring a sense of (re-)connection. We’ll invite grief in body, mind, and life, and move beyond the fear for pain and heartache.


Aside from these monthly grief & grace sessions in group form, Fenja supports people in personally moving through grief, loss or other traumatic events. 

Listen to Fenja on the Spiritual Feminist

about Principles of Trust and Being between Aliveness and Loss



Deeply surrender to your loss by weaving the enlightening strands of grief into your life.

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The (free) Grief & Grace sessions take place every last Thursday of the month—7.30 pm Amsterdam-time (some exceptions there, see calendar). This is an open group available to anybody dealing with grief and loss in whatever form. It typically begins with a moment of connection, followed by a talk, meditation and group conversation 

Note: There’s no expectation to attend every session; regard it as a brave community that embraces grief and loss as an opportunity to grow and expand.

Subscribe by emailing to to get on the email list and receive the zoomlink and audio recordings. If you long for a more intimate approach to your grief, Fenja hosts 1-on-1 sessions supporting you personally in moving through the difficult time of loss, change, and hardship. 

In grace, we can grieve a shattering loss and we can be deeply saddened by a situation but through it all, we know that life itself is a gift.
By allowing all of life’s colors to penetrate,
we become whole. 
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In grief & grace sessions, we will explore if  by being with the full scale of emotions  we can find a state of acceptance. Not as a mental concept, but as an embodied felt sense. This approach to deep acceptance helps us to move into grace; a state of being where we surrender to life in all its forms. 

What to expect?

  • A supported journey to explore your grief

  • Tools to fully embrace your loss without fear

  • A safe space for grief in different forms

  • A guide into surrender and acceptance

  • Reconnecting to your sense of wholeness

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These sessions are free with donations accepted. 

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