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As human beings, we all encounter challenges that test our trust in life. These challenges appear through the inescapable losses in wealth, family, health, relationships, and other, worldly, shapes and constellations. 


When we dare to be with the change of form, these places of rupture offer new pathways. A letting go of the old, and allowing what is not anymore and yet to become. 


This is why loss, change, or transformation offer us the greatest opportunity for repatterning. A new way of seeing things. A new invitation into life.


It was Fenja's own personal loss that sparked the deep transformational power of loss. Losing her partner and the process of surrendering to his passing, is how she learned that even the hardest moments hold a precious gift. 

The deep state of opening that was ignited through that loss brought her a feeling of lightness and freedom as she never felt before. The power of life that shines through the loss. A love that is never lost. This realization is her deep wish for you too. 


In these 1-on-1 online sessions, Fenja uses meditation as a tool to guide your inner landscape and bring a sense of (re-)connection. Together you'll invite grief in body, mind, and life, and move beyond the fear for pain and heartache.


Listen to Fenja on the Spiritual Feminist

about Principles of Trust and Being between Aliveness and Loss



Find presence and release in the ecotones of grief, loss, and transformation.

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Are you moving through a most challenging or extremely difficult life phase? Have you been invited to let something you hold most dear, go? Do you feel the need for guidance in this process? Then these sessions are something for you.


In these sessions:

  • We take a moment to fully stay conscious amid grief and times of challenge;

  • We practice radical acceptance as an embodied felt sense;

  • Keep hearts open and hold the love for what is most dear;

  • Investigate new ways of relating to the old and discover the hidden gift or meaning in there;

  • Through deep reflection, we open evolutionary pathways for the new.

These sessions hold the power to move from who we were into who we are meant to be. Deep explorations of loss, change, and transformation

These sessions help you to discover new ways of releasing, relating, and interacting with grief, change, and loss. Mentally, physically, and energetically open up to the higher levels of being human and become (more) comfortable with the full spectrum of life.


What to expect:

  • An online 75-minute session with Fenja

  • We’ll use meditation as a tool to guide our inner landscape and bring a sense of (re-)connection.

  • We'll use deep reflection to understand the complex patterns of your life.

  • We keep our eyes on the old as well as the new.


Single session

Northern hemisphere incomes € 87,-
Southern hemisphere incomes € 71,-

3 session series 

Northern hemisphere incomes €217,-
Southern hemisphere incomes €181,-

You'll receive a recording, including the meditations of each session, to use and repeat in the weeks to come. 

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