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Deepen your sense of trust, and enhance your love relationship with life. Monthly trust sessions with a small selected group of trust practitioners.



Deepening into Trust are monthly trust sessions. With a small curated group of a maximum of 5 people, these intimate circles function as your backbone to deepen your sense of trust—in life, work, and relationships. 


Through these sessions, we'll practice trust as an embodied felt sense rather than an intellectual understanding. We aim to bring trust into the full spectrum of life. 


You'll participate in these sessions, maybe to keep working on an inspiring project or to guide your (new) career path from Deep Trust. Perhaps to unfold a new business, to work on a dream, a wish, or a deep intention. Maybe you want to use these sessions to meet a certain challenge or to simply keep navigating your life from a deep sense of trust.


Experience learns that participating in such as group accelerates your (spiritual) practice on different levels. 

For who are these sessions?

Through consistent practice, you have awakened a more conscious self—a self that is more loving, trusting, relaxed and open. You have connected to your inner knowing and often you navigate life's events as a director, instead of a controller.


You understand that life's challenges can be regarded as opportunities and you are (more) comfortable in the face of uncertainty.


But you also acknowledge the fact that a state of trust and relaxation is not there, all the time. Life's events can throw you off our feet, igniting uncertainty and doubt. Therefore, you feel going back to that ground state of trust, on a regular basis, is an essential part of life and your personal practice. 

Kindling the creative fire of trust, especially in a group setting, ignites the possibility to live life from its highest potential.


In these monthly online gatherings, guided by Fenja, we use your expanded awareness to deeply connect to the journey of your life.


In our meetings, we use meditation as a way to guide your inner landscape and facilitate deep internal work. We use deep reflection as a way to gain clarity and to understand the story of your life and the deeper currents, that are at play. 

Through these circles, you have the opportunity to:

  • Fuel the right energy to your life, relationships & projects; 

  • Heal outdated and limiting patterns;

  • Reinforce life-giving practices and attitudes;

  • Connect to yourself on ever-deeper levels;

  • Regularly come home into yourself and that deep state of trust;

  • Apply the both-and-attitude of thought and intuition in projects, relationships, life, work, and business; 

  • Guide a time of internal transformation or external unfolding from a deep state of trust

But more than that ...

​Come home into the interconnected web of life; Connect with your life purpose in new ways; Practice your quality of Presence and the power of Being; Challenge your fears and uncertainty, undo and unlearn; Surrender to the flow of Life; Find what in the world is calling to you; Apply inspired action, action from love, instead of fear and lack.


“Ultimately, there can be no complete healing until we have restored our primal trust in life.”




In these monthly trust circles you will:​

  • Keep the right energy through monthly meetings at a time that suits the group;

  • A group of people committing to living life from Deep Trust;

  • Bring your spiritual practice to new levels, in life, work, and relationships;

  • Be inspired by like-minded people, new meditations and practices;

  • Receive the monthly zoom recordings with meditations which you can repeat;

  • Enforce the power and relationship of body, mind and heart;

  • Keeping your focus on personal projects, challenges, commitments, wishes, attitudes, and so on.




These monthly 2.5 hours trust circles will be with a maximum of 5 people. These selected groups hold the potential to cross-inspire. Your commitment is for 3 months; after that, there is the possibility of continuing for another quarter.


Price: for a three-month engagement: 157,- euros, ex 21% VAT.

Regard this investment as your quarterly mind-and-energy subscription.


Currently, two circles are running, there is space for a third. 

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