Navigate on Trust is a transformational life and business practice, a think-tank, development studio, and safe resting place cultivating trust, vision and awakening to connect to human evolutionarily possibility and the beauty of our undivided wholeness. Supporting all of those suffering from the shortcomings of modernity.

“Ultimately, there can be no complete healing until we have restored our primal trust in life.”

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—Georg Feuerstein



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What would change if we would truly wake up and remember that we are inseparable; to realize that creation is born between the liquid lines of body, mind, and spirit? What would creatively transform if you would deeply acknowledge that you, as a resilient organism part of an incredible cognizant system, arise in co-creativity—with the dynamic field of life, its elegant patterns and underlying mechanisms?


From this perspective, to Navigate on Trust means to steer with the cosmic currents of the greater intelligence of life and the Universe. To have the courage to abide in the deep dark unknown, embrace the ever-changing and transient nature of the river reality, deeply rooted in the creative present moment. All of this, abundantly nourished by the fertile womb of trust, nested in the great undidived wholeness.


Unfortunately, up to this day, our mainstream media and science is not telling us that story. It has been telling us that our world, the nature of reality, and our Universe, is made of separate things. As a consequence; as people, as companies, as cultures, and as institutions, we feel lost, empty, and disconnected. Because our systems, our ways of doing, creating, and being are guided by ratio and grounded in the bedrock of competition, fear, linearity, and productivity.

In this light, the greatest calamity of our time is not only the current waste of natural life and resources but the untapped potential of a human being acting from trust, interconnecedness, and wholeness. 

So what would it mean to tap into this evolutionary possibility? Not as a concept but as an actuality in y/our personal life and business? What if we could become true agents of complexity and take back our sustainable place in the ecology of being? 


Opening both individuals and companies up to this evolutionary possibility—the possibility of a remarkably abundant, meaningful, intelligent, and sustainable life, including all of its relationships, innovations, explorations, and expressions—is the main focus of Navigate on Trust and Fenja her work as a trust and consciousness guide, as an art director, connector and future thinker.


She does this by radically elevating trust, consciousness, and connection—in mind, life, projects, business, and systems. Through personal expansion, envisioning, co-creation, research, and art direction. In her programs, retreats, and custom-made trajectories she takes you or your project to your core, and from a new sense of wholeness, out, into the world again.

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