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nothing is under control.

And this leads to extraordinary creation




Navigate on Trust is a transformational life practice guided by Fenja Ellen Sepers.  A way to work and unwork on evolutionary awakening and purposeful unfolding while embracing the messiness and complexity of life. Tending to all of those faced with the limitations of modern society.

Let’s find possibilities in turbulent times of transition. Let’s discover life-affirming depths and heights within the spaces of our being. Let’s ignite our ability to trust and fully let go into life. Because the most astonishing expressions of creation appear when we deeply trust the creative power of life.
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Monthly trust-circles with (more) experienced trust-practitioners. These sessions function as the backbone to deepen our existential feeling of trust in all aspects of existence—life, work, and relationships.


Highly personalized awakening and envisioning trajectories. Inclusive journeys to personal and professional expansion; to enlighten your personal existence and to serve the evolutionary power of all life

the creative spirit of trust
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What would happen if we would truly wake up and remember our entanglement with the evolutionary web of life? What if we remember that life is not something to chase after, but a great journey of discovery we can relax into? 

From this perspective, to trust, when we really get to the deeper levels of it, means we no longer feel the need to control things, on a fundamental level. It’s the realization that life is wondrous, good, and evolutionary no matter what happens on a day-to-day basis. An evolutionary impulse taking you into ever-greater levels of love, complexity, and authentic expression.

From the spirit of trust, your life starts to flow because life starts to flow. The creative power of life weaves its way into existence like making love or music: without force, full of purpose and direction, in triumvirate with body, heart, and mind.

So what would it mean to tap into this evolutionary possibility? Not as a concept but as an actuality, in your life, work, relationships, and even in our larger systems.

Opening people, their creative expressions and evolutionary projects up to the higher levels of awareness and deep folds of connection is Fenja’s mission as a trust and transition guide, art director, visionary, and consciousness thinker.


She applies evolutionary life principles to our inner and outer landscapes; guides deep reflection and embodied meditation; circumnavigates grief, loss, and the life-giving space within; envisions into past, present and future; uncovers purpose beyond space and time; opens ways for creative emergence, complexity and sustainable systems; entangles research, design, and art direction; and inspires new entrepreneurship and leadership. 


In one-on-one sessions, group and custom-made trajectories, she takes people on a journey. Deep into their core and, from there, courageously, out into the world again.

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Being guided by Fenja changed my perspective on life profoundly. 

I learned to trust life more. I can see more clearly at - and beyond - our structures like society, time and the mind. This changed the way I relate to people, nature and myself. This movement took me from fear to love; from insecurity to trust. She's your person to get there.



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Trust. Inspiration. News. Updates. 

Great. All set.

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