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Heart versus mind

It can be hard to hear the difference between the voice of the mind and the voice of the heart. It can be damn difficult to distinguish the guidance of our heart from the mental noise and emotional zigzags that so often seem to shape our thoughts.

Which one is which? Who is who? What is what?

It helps me to know that the more we practice listening to the difference between our heart’s true guidance and our mind’s clever persuasions, it does get a lot easier to distinguish.

With practice, I learned to recognize the voice of my heart as calm, considerate and steady and the quality of my mind as fast, cunning, and spiky. One is often motivated by love, the other often by fear or wanting more. The difference between the two clearly felt in the tone.

So instead of aiming for the voice, nowadays I aim for the tone. My personal preference is finding the steady and loving voice of the heart in the midst of the mental turbulence, which will always be present, knowing that the heart always has a better overview of the whole.


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