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Getting rid of the next thing

It is hard living in a society that starts to promote the positive aspects of “being” over “doing”, while the structure of that society itself is completely focused on doing.

In this space of doing, it is hard work and extremely fearful to let “doing” go.

Because tell me, honestly, how do you feel when you don’t set goals for yourself? When you are not making plans?

Do you admit feeling guilty when you are not planning your next move when you are just catching your breath from your last “big thing” (relationship, job, giving birth, setting up your business, overcoming that life hurdle)?

I do.

Undoing makes me afraid. Afraid to “just not make it”. To be wasting my time. Not being productive. Maybe never arriving at that success, status, dream, ideal. Not fulfilling my purpose.

All these doing thoughts result in intending, striving, aiming, laboring, pushing. Telling me, just a little bit more. “If then, then that.” “If then, then that.” “If then, then that.”

Telling me I need that story. I need to do something. I need to become somebody. That is what my “doing” society asks of me. Because what if not? Who would I be? What would they think of me?

So I am asking myself, what would happen, if I would truly let it go? I mean really just letting it go. To me, that is the true experiment.

So what am I to do? I just start with deep listening. Deep listening within and deep listening without…

Deep listening within meaning listening to that voice of my soul which never shouts but gently whispers. She knows my true longing. She knows what I came here for. So I start by listening to her.

And deep listening without meaning truly listening to the signs of life without wanting, striving, aiming. Without thinking up the outcome. I am asking life in which direction is she nudging me? Life, what are you showing me? Where can I be of service to you life? How do you let me unfold to my true potential?

This is my experiment in trust. An experiment from doing to being. An experiment from spirit to soul. From goal to home. From out there to right (in) here. Getting rid of the next thing.


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