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Navigate on Trust is a transformational life and business practice, a think-tank, development studio, and safe resting place cultivating trust, vision and awakening to connect to human evolutionarily possibility and the beauty of our undivided wholeness.


A place for people, projects and companies who would like to fully participate in the evolutionary and creatively unfolding web of life—ignited by trust and aliveness. Supporting all of those suffering from the shortcomings of modernity.


Consider Navigate on Trust a queer, but modern, hybrid transformational space for personal development, contemporary spirituality, quantum change, art, design, research, innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship, culture, psychology, sociology, and business development. It’s all connected.

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Within the philosophy of Navigate on Trust, trust guide and consciousness thinker Fenja weaves inner development tools, from the deep folds of trust and consciousness, with the shiny threads of purpose, design, innovation, curation, entrepreneurship, vision, and life's creative unfolding.

She does this individually, through visionary programs and personal trajectories, or collectively by tapping into the assembled expertise of people that, like her, dive deep into matters of consciousness, development, innovation, vision, design, and research. Thought and analysis is always sustained by intuition and flow. 


Every step in the unfolding of trust is taken to fully come alive and to connect each expression to its most authentic experience of being. This means the flowering of people, projects, and things as sustainable parts in the interconnected, non-local web of past-present-future and the greater whole. 



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Fenja is Navigate on Trust's founder, trust guide and consciousness thinker dividing her time between Morocco and The Netherlands. 

As an explorer of our psycho-socio-cultural world, Fenja is deeply interested in our human quest for interconnectedness and development. Her curious mind naturally lets her make the connection between diverse complex fields.


In the formal field, she has a Master's degree in cultural studies, worked as an art director and researcher at a social design studio, and did scientific research on consciousness development. She is the initiator and curator of various cultural and social platforms and a 15-year+ practitioner of mindfulness and meditation.


Aside from these official statements, she safely dares to say that her biggest guiding force comes from her personal experiences with life, death, loss, happiness and adventure—the great embrace of the deep layers of consciousness and connection. She uses these insights to guide individuals, groups and projects and to a new level of awareness and purpose, but also to curate, create and collaborate on transformational projects, programs & strategies that propel the evolution of trust, consciousness, and connection. 

about Fenja
my movment into trust

My movement into trust

A personal story

Back in 2012, I traded my beautiful job and home in Amsterdam to undergo a life-experiment. I felt that a life demanding a well-organized and materialistic full existence was not necessarily the answer in leading a fulfilled one. I figured that our understanding of life and the world is not generated through reasoning, but through experience, and so taking distance and breaking with the system was necessary to create a rupture in my way of thinking and open up to new views of the world.

Together with my great love and life teacher, we set out on a true 'living research'. Can we let our intention and intuition lead the course of life? Without a destination in mind and the means to arrive. We called this experiment "navigate on trust." This art of embracing uncertainty led us through different parts of South America—long coastlines, vast mountain ranges, big cities, and small communities. We researched Eastern, Western, and Andean philosophies. Psychology, meditation, yoga, and mindfulness. My personal challenge was to face a few of the biggest Western fears: the fear to have no control, no goal, no money, no plan. In short, the fear to let go of all relative safety and security, and just observing what happens.

This way of experiencing living and understanding opened the road to a new personal consciousness. By facing these insecurities and personal challenges, I came in contact with a new feeling of freedom, confidence, and love. A new idea of wealth, a simpler life, and the abundance of the Universe. The biggest trial of this way of looking was yet to come with the death of my great love and life teacher, at the end of 2015. Sparked by the rebirth of loss, I have been continuing to “navigate on trust”. From 2016 I lived like a Kameleon between the Amsterdam city life and a Moroccan cave. In this time I further deepened the principles of trust. Here, I discovered that freedom, happiness and what we tend to call success, sprouts from a few universal principles. All applicable in life or the unfolding of purpose, as well as business. Now I fully dedicate my time to building this fertile foundation of trust and interconnection with people, projects, programs, and companies. 

Listen to Fenja's live podcast series

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