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Are you looking for ways to ...

– Deepen your connection with self and life? You want to discover what is truly driving you and XXXX.

—To quiet your busy or fearful mind? Do you find it difficult to find rest and peace in the middle of the busy daily existence?

–Invite a new way of spirituality in your life? Not only in your personal life but into the full spectrum of existence.

– To start a project or undertaking from a deep point of self-connection. Giving creative expression to an evolutionary project.

—To let go of control? Unfold your life and projects from a space of being instead of the XXXXX doing-mode.

And you want this without the pressure of a schedule, pushing, the feeling of heaviness or somebody that knows better.

Then you are at the right place.
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We all know that grief comes in many forms. The loss of somebody, recent, or a loss that you have been carrying for years. The loss of a home, a job, or a wish that remains unfulfilled. Grief means anything that brings you a profound sense of sadness.

The monthly Grief & Grace sessions are a safe resting place to be with that grief. Not as a way to rid yourself of it, but as a possibility to weave grief into your life, because grief is a guest that appeared at your doorstep. 


In these monthly sessions, we explore grief and loss from a place of deep presence and acceptance. Opening to the new forms that may come out of grief, knowing that in the deep folds of darkness, creation is born.

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