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Uncover your Purpose and Direction for 2022. Start the new year with a rock-solid feeling of trust.


Reflect and close off the old year and embrace the new year to come. By uncovering your year's purpose—know why you are here and what you want to create in the 2022 field of possibilities. Personally, in your relationships, in your home space, and professionally. Plant that intention firmly into the intelligent field of existence. 


For this Purpose and Direction Guide, it doesn't matter if you haven't thought about the new year yet, or if you already created a vision board and discovered your theme for the year. This guide includes:


3 powerful meditations:

  • A tune-in meditation to connect to your deeper self (heart) instead of your ego (mind)

  • A clearing meditation; a meditation to release old energies, habits, and patterns

  • A powerful “plant your theme meditation”. A meditation to plant your theme for the year - your intention for 2022 - into the underlying organizing field of life and the universe a powerful


These meditations can be used throughout the year


Reflection exercises:

  • Looking back at 2021, what were your milestones, and what do you want to leave behind?

  • Looking forward: what is your Purpose and Direction for the year to come, uncover "you why", your theme for 2022

  • Find out "what" specifically you would like to create in your personal space, your home space, your relationship space, and your professional space in 2022

Purpose & Direction Guide 2022

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