Uncertainty, an inevitable aspect of trust

As an explorer of the internal and external human landscape, Fenja is interested in our human quest for development and connection to the greater whole. She investigates the intersections between science, silence, innovation, wisdom, nature, design, art, meditation and the human primordial sense of trust. She writes her daily findings in her trust diaries which she share on her Instagram and blog.

When I look at life and society it seems to me that often we are in such a hurry to arrive. In such as hurry because we do not dare to be open for the insecurities of life. We do not dare to trust—trust that whatever happens, all will be all right. We seem in such a hurry to arrive to our goals and destinations because we are not comfortable with the uncertainty that is inherent in a magical life unfolding.

Some might see my life—a freer life—as an everlasting holiday, but let me set the record straight. To walk your own truth, to just be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to guide you in a familiar direction is not only an uncertain and therefore risky way of life, but one can say, a work in itself. To consciously and constantly walk an unknown path—to knowingly go against the current is a struggle. It is the struggle of insecurity that sometimes chokes, cuts, and hurts. It is the struggle of uncertainty that puts forth tears, brings up fears and rips open not-so-pretty personal patterns. Because the human mind doesn't like it when things are uncertain. Society does not like it when things are insecure. And perhaps that is just the way the human works.

But yet, uncertainty also brings forth great rewards. It presents surprising synchronicities and magical creations. It brings us to amazing destinations. It gifts amazing friends, inspiring surroundings and sense-inducing adventures. It strengthens the mind as it requires dedication, openness, and reflection. And it therefore asks for creativity, for deep connection and intuition.

Embracing the art of uncertainty means a way of walking where trust becomes the mantra and the present moment the compass.

But what surprises me is that while the social media is overflown with spirituality and travel content, those stories often lack the tools of how to live this relatively uncertain life of adventure. How to develop the very readiness to remain in uncertainty? Is this not an inner power tool that we should all develop, no matter what?

The trust Program is dedicated to do so.

Because no matter which kind of life we’re living, in life can we ever know what is going to happen? A really alive person will always feel insecure, because what security can there be? Life presents us a hundred and one uncertainties each year, each day. But is that uncertainty not the same as freedom? Is that uncertainty not the same as innovation? Is that uncertainty not life? And maybe that is the exciting thing with living freely, it allows us to experience this exquisite painful law of existence: not knowing what is going to happen.

So perhaps, let’s call it freedom instead of uncertainty. Let's call it innovation. Let's call it life. Let's call uncertainty an inevitable aspect of trust.