To jump or not to jump?

Today I am leaving the Netherlands with the hope to experience my feeling of home.

No, I am not going of the beaten track with my backpack, I am not planning to do charity work in Africa, I will not work on an eco farm in South America, or be a bewildered surfer (however I am taking one along).

My plan is to explore a new way of living: my version of the Modern Nomad. Getting out of the – for me limiting European, Western, or just structure of life – as my life in the Netherlands, which in a way demanded a well-organised and materialistic complete existence, was not my answer in leading a fulfilled one.

While navigating on trust instead of fear, I will see where the road can take me, and explore other values of living, other then our currently shaped by our social and economical system, a system where we have to seem to forgot a bit about: what makes us really happy…?

I believe there is an overall mechanism behind this notion of freedom, behind this idea of adventure – and I think this is not letting our lives drive by fear.

My work at social design studio Butterfly Works, for which I have worked in different countries all over the world, and being a creative entrepreneur has given me the courage to make this step in my work field, but the bravery comment also got me thinking: if so many people told me the same thing what did it represent for them on a personal level? Was it the freedom, the adventure, or the closest real life version of Into the Wild?

Maybe all of these things, but I believe there is an overall mechanism behind this notion of freedom, behind this idea of adventure – and I think this is not letting our lives drive by fear.

Sitting behind my computer I am looking at one of the many examples, the headlines that say “Koopkracht daalt tot 20%” (purchasing power drops onto 20%). However the message gives me an unpleasant feeling, I wonder, what does this sentence really tries to tell me, and more importantly, is it true? Does it say, watch out somebody might be taking away something that belongs to me? Or maybe, you can buy less things that are really really important to you? Or does it actually, between the lines, say: look out your happiness will reduce with 20%…?

And if I honestly answer this question, does it? In a country where we have so little to fear, I am wondering: what is there really to be afraid of, our purchase power?? And does it really honestly have effect on my happiness?

If we go back in the past to something that we feared in our life, but despite this fear, we did it anyway, how did it make us feel?

So, my solution to the question is: drop the fear and let’s see what happens. The fear to fail, the fear to don’t live up to the social standards, the fear to be alone, and the fear to earn less money (and let me say it is not my intention to live without, and I do agree it can make our lives much more convenient, but the freedom to have no fear for not having it is something different, right?).

I believe this overall notion of fearlessness is the clue to many things. If you go back in the past to something that you feared, but despite this fear, you did it anyway, how did it make you feel? (Think back to that bungee jump, that trip you took, or changing that particular job). And looking back, what has it given you up to this day? And are we not advising our friends and family to do the same, to take this leap of faith and jump in to the unknown? Probably yes. And this is exactly what I will do today: embracing the unknown, let go of the fear, putting my future in the hands of trust, and jump.

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