The Art of the Encounter

The Chinese wall. One of those sights that changed the course of my life.

I remember it was on one of the first few travels I took outside of Europe, with my boyfriend at the time—an amazing guy who is deeply inspired by nature, wildlife, culture and travel.

And standing there, on top of one of the most impressive structures made by human hands (and that took a lot of human lives to be build), in a country and in a culture that was so totally, up-side-down and incomprehensibly different than the one I came from, it implanted a seed - a deep feeling of awe, silence and curiosity.

A feeling that I wanted to explore the world, both externally as internally, and to see what this crazy life is about. A journey that I have been taking up to this day, and I am guessing it takes a lifetime to complete…

But, looking at this photo today it also makes me realize, more and more, that this life is about people. The art of meeting them, that it matters absolutely, who we meet. That a few of those people help us to get to where we need to go. That it is often people who drive us towards our destination. No matter if the destination is our inner landscape or the world out there. And that you as a person fulfill the same role. This is the Art of the Encounter.