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Letting go is not the same as forgetting

In our current way of thinking most of us associate letting go with disconnection or forgetting.

We are afraid that by letting something go we loose something. We forget and loose the connection—to that person, to that thing, to that feeling, to “what has been done to us.”

The result is that we spend a lifetime holding on. Not only hoarding stuff, but holding on to people, feelings, situations, to the past, to something old, and even to ideas of the future.

And the great paradox is this: we hold on to things that in reality do not serve us. We hold on to things that do not help us move further.

As a matter of fact, quite the opposite. We hold on to things that keep us stagnated and do not allow us to grow.

Because letting go does not mean forgetting, but it means coming home: reconnecting to free space, to light air, to something in another form, to clarity, to my uncluttered essence, to new desires, to the underlying field of the universe.

Letting go means making space for me to bloom and unfold. To something new and of evolutionary nature.

So perhaps, we can ask ourselves, what things can I let go of that do not serve me anymore? What things can I take out of my rain-pipe so the water of my life can flow? To what grudges, pain, fear, ideas, people, projects, places, stuff am I holding on?

That blame to that person, just let it go. That old relationship, does it still serve you? That old project, is it reallt what you want? That idea for the future, is that truly valid? That old stuff, does it really still bring you joy?

Because I know that only by letting go I make space. And only through space there is opening. And only through that opening there is space for something new to bloom and grow.


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