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Let go of your expectations

The key to a successful life, relationship or business is accepting the fact that not everything in life can go the way we have in mind.

And the key to a perhaps even more successful relationship, business and life is not wanting that either.

Because having everything the way I want, not only results in confrontations (because people and circumstances do not uphold my expectations); but when I hold on to my ideas, my concepts, my ways, I do not open myself to the creative power of life. To the greater intelligence that is inherent in nature, inherent in living.

Instead, once I let go of this need to hold on to everything, and dare to be the container through which life can flow, this is where real leadership arises. Leadership of co-creation. Leadership of flow. Leadership of true looking and listening.

And while many successful leaders unconsciously use this spiritual life skill of flow instead of resistance—it can actually be consciously applied by anyone and to every aspect of our lives. Home, work, personal stuff, relationships.

I propose a personal challenge: this week live one day totally free of any expectations and resistance. Ask yourself: To which ideas or beliefs am I holding on at this moment? In which of the spaces of my life do I not give space for flow? And then simply let all of them go.

If you are not already doing it, try it, and you will be surprised by its miracles.


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