El Verde, a rolling home

Navigate on Trust

Back in 2012, I started a journey I baptized Navigate on Trust. Embracing the age-old wisdom of uncertainty since then, I traveled through many countries, I researched many cultures and philosophies, and I experienced joy, beauty, loss, and insecurity, which led to some profound life lessons.

I traded my job and home in Amsterdam and the plan to have no plan, as I felt that a life demanding a well-organized and materialistic full existence, was not necessarily the answer in leading a fulfilled one. I figured that our understanding of life and the world is not generated through reasoning, but through experiencing, and so taking distance and breaking with the system was necessary to create a rupture in my way of thinking and open up to new views of the world.

Together with my great love and life teacher, I set out to live a life full of intention, but without set-out plan. We called this experiment: navigate on trust. This ‘art of embracing uncertainty’, led us from living a simple life on the countryside of Uruguay, exploring a true life off the grid, to the highlands of Bolivia and Peru, investigating the Andean Cosmology of ‘Buen Vivir’ (Living Well), to crossing the South-American continent in a ‘71 VW camper-van.

Life with El Verde stole our hearts, and after converting the caravanette with an almost non-existing budget into a beautiful tiny home, we decided to push our experiment even further, and brave the rough South American terrain and drive the ’71 vehicle from the Ecuadorian Pacific coast to the Atlantic seaside of Uruguay. An almost 8,000-km journey, crossing the highlands of the Andean mountains of Peru and Bolivia over passes of 4,500 meters in altitude, to green jungles, the immensely hot and almost impassable Paraguayan ‘Chaco,’ to the lush coast of Brazil, before arriving at the green hills of the Uruguayan coast.

We surfed, we read, we learned, we shared, we lived and loved until Roberto’s sudden death in December 2015. Sparked by the rebirth of loss, I have been continuing to navigate on trust – deepening the philosophy, investigating different lifestyles, and inspiring myself by Roberto’s profound insights.

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