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Do not let this moment slip away

A friendly Saturday reminder To not let this moment slip away.

Don’t rush,

Don’t hurry,

my dear friend.

Because this is life we are living

And life is all about these moments.

This moment, right now.

These little moments

Insignificant, you may even call them.

These moments without goal,

without purpose.

Showering with the teapot

Your young daughter or son waking you up with a cry

Looking at the autumn leaves turning themselves brown, red, yellow.

But instead of seeing these wholy moments for what they are,

Our mind is so keen on;

Getting on, plans, doing, running, going.

And yet, in the end,

All the way in the end,

When drawing our last breath,

Like we will do all,

We will also realize

Oh, it was all about these

Immensely significant,

insignificant moments.

So let’s enjoy them

Adore then

Live them

Cherish them

Again and again and again.

Let’s celebrate this moment!


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