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Becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable

Many people who have been here online with me for a while know that I advocate the practice of "getting comfortable with being comfortable" as one of the power tools of trust. Because the moment I am not disturbed by my uncomfortable feelings like pain, anger, sadness, frustration, depression, impatience—when I dare to let these feelings be, not wishing them away, but looking at what is behind those doors—it not only gives me an incredible lightness and freedom but from this place I can start to see that life is pointing me in a direction.

Only from that place of acceptance, relaxation, and comfortableness with whatever is, I can become a powerful tool of dynamic exchange. Only then I create openness. When I can relax into the tensions of life, I can start to move through life as life. As somebody who is not in resistance but dances with any challenge. Here I can start to trust that whatever life presents me is there for my optimal evolution.

So here are 3 simple steps of how to practice this power-tool.

1. Take three deep breaths, let go of your thinking mind, and connect with your body.

2. Locate the uncomfortableness in your body: where is it, what does it feel like, what is the quality of the sensation?

3. Stay with it for as long as possible. Give it space. Let it move, but don't attach any story.

Practice this with any kind of uncomfortableness that arises in life.


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