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Find presence, peace and release in the tectonic spaces of grief, loss, and transformation.



As human beings, we all encounter a series of challenges that test our allegiance to life. These challenges tend to appear through the loss of different physical forms. The inescapable losses that occur in wealth, family, health, relationships, and other alterations in worldly shapes and constellations. 


The earthquakes that shake the ground beneath our feet, make us look upward and deepen our trust into the things we cannot see with our eyes. These losses force us to deeper look into the nature of reality and what it is that we believe in. 


Through personal Grief Guidance, you’ll discover new ways of releasing, relating and interacting with pain and hardship. Together we investigate what this loss or grief means in your life journey.

Aside from the monthly (free) grief & grace sessions held in group form, Fenja supports people in personally moving through grief, loss or other life-altering events. To find peace, light, and clarity within the borderlines of death, loss, and life.


Are you moving through a most challenging or extremely difficult life phase? Have you been invited to let something you hold most dear, go? Do you feel the need for guidance in this process?


Then these sessions are something for you.


Through these sessions:

  • We take a moment to fully stay conscious in the midst of grief and times of challenge and despair;

  • Practice radical acceptance as an embodied felt sense;

  • Keep (broken) hearts open and hold the love from what was alive;

  • Investigate new ways of relating to that what was;

  • Discover the gift or meaning hidden in the grief, loss, or hardship

These are deep explorations of pain and grief as an embodied felt sense and, therefore, a place to grow in love, compassion and wisdom. Move from who you were into who we are meant to be.

These sessions are for life-lovers, heart-driven creatives, inspirited leaders, change-makers, adventurers, and service-providing well-being workers challenged with grief, loss, and difficult times of transition. 

Availability & Prices

These sessions

Help you to discover new ways of releasing, relating, and interacting with grief, loss, change, and hardship. Mentally, physically, and energetically open up to the higher levels of being human and become (more) comfortable with the full spectrum of life.

What to expect

  • An online 75-minute session guided by Fenja

  • We’ll use meditation as a tool to guide our inner landscape and bring a sense of (re-)connection.

  • We’ll invite grief in body, mind, and life, and see what life, light and new forms can be found in the deep darkness.


Single session

Northern hemisphere incomes € 87,-
Southern hemisphere incomes € 71,-

3 session series 

Northern hemisphere incomes €217,-
Southern hemisphere incomes €181,-

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Book your session directly through the online calender.


Let's have a what's app chat to see if these sessions are something for you.


Feel free to send an email with a question or inquiry.



"Your presence here and elsewhere have kept me putting one foot in front of the other."


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