Mentorship trajectories

You have reached a point in your life where you feel internally summoned to expand your horizon. To guide your life, relationships, or business, from wisdom, spirit, and a deep feeling of trust. To find space and stillness within your own mind and the daily dynamics of a busy life.

Fenja’s mentorship trajectories are all about creating a revolution in your consciousness. She has the power to awaken an inner compass—a feeling that deep down inside you know you are connected, to the intelligent organizing field of life and a timeless sense of self. She demonstrates how creative solutions emerge and how life presents extraordinary opportunities when you learn to lean back and confide.

This is what she calls the art of sailing instead of rowing.

Through a personalized mentorship that incorporates her unique principles of trust, via online coaching and mentoring sessions, with daily quantum practices, (the fundamentals of) meditation and soul awakening retreats, you are invited to take this deep dive with her. You'll be pushed to your limits to awaken a new sense of who you are in the mind and heart of things. This new layer of being, thinking, and doing serves as the foundation for a new kind of leadership and intelligence in your personal and professional life. Overall a happier, more connected, and adventurous life.

In her trajectories, Fenja draws on her many years of experience, tools, and insights in the development of consciousness, as a long-term practitioner of mindfulness and meditation, as a researcher of culture, psychology and sociology, as an art director, and as an adventurer of life. She takes you on a journey as your trust guide, deep into your core and then out into the world again.

She has worked with many individuals throughout the years in the development of consciousness, mind mastery, and the deep waters of transformation.


I guide conscious individuals who are ready to navigate their life, work or business from a deep feeling of trust. Awakening consciousness and connection, inner transformation, aligning vision, mission, and intuition are the focus of this mentorship trajectory

Do you recognize this?

  • You feel internally asked to explore new layers of being — to embrace a more grounded and spirit-motivated approach to work and living. To truly come alive at a new level, with more depth, mystery, contentment, and practically applied wisdom.

  • ​You know you are not alive to be wholly consumed by goals, ambitions, worry, stress, and routine. You want to deepen your life experience. To expand your vision and embrace a more spiritual approach to living; refine and rethink your ways while remaining committed to your dreams.

  • You are looking for ways to quiet your ever-busy mind. You find it hard to find a sense of calm in the midst of a life filled with important things and activities.

  • You find it difficult to let go of control. You believe things often will work out but still, it’s a challenge to just lean back. You want to see quick results and work with force rather than flow. Waiting for solutions to arise feels irrational, therefore, you cannot truly relax.

  • You know all the answers lie deep down inside you but finding the time and space to truly listen is another thing entirely. Life gets loud; your head is too full and you lack the tools to move beyond.



I find myself using tools I learned from Fenja almost daily. Just in the last 24 hours I’ve found myself in a situation that has caused me anxiety, and instead of trying to distract myself from the anxiety or resolve things as soon as possible, I’ve been allowing the feeling of discomfort, locating it in my body, breathing into it, and simply noticing all the ways my mind is scrambling to “handle” or get rid of the situation. It feels a whole lot like self care on a deep level! Her wisdom has truly been a lifeline for me.

Leslie McKellar

New York Times photographer


A (half)year of expansion

A personal year or half-year trajectory. In this 1-on-1 mentorship with Fenja you'll be guided through principles of trust; have regular online coaching sessions; you'll practice meditation, mindfulness, and quantum practices (in your private life and business); take a deep dive into vision and mission; and have a high-end personalized retreat (in The Netherlands or Morocco).

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A high-end personal retreat (in The Netherlands or Morocco) focused on finding your point of growth in the development of trust and consciousness. Together with Fenja, you take a deep dive deep into a specific question, problem, or challenge; investigate the structures of your mind; and dive into the depths of your being (including any work or business-related challenges).

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Open yourself to the mystery of existence

There are numerous approaches to mindfulness, spiritual awakening, and an overall happier way of living. Many of them, if not all, are extremely valuable. But however valuable, they are not necessarily focused on the same thing. Some of these approaches are made to bring more peace and stillness. Others are there to bring more aliveness, joy. Others are focussed on connecting with emergence, complexity, and intelligence. And again others are to reduce stress or anxiety. A few of these approaches are designed to open us up to all of these, in one great movement. To tap into wholeness and totality of being. This is what we could call an opening to the mystery and quantum reality of existence which brings a profound personal awakening. The opening up to this amazing possibility is the focus of Fenja’s work and her philosophy in trust, consciousness and connection.