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What if we would restore our complete trust in life? What if we would move away from a system of fear and control, and instead, surrender to each unique authentic path that life is offering? Within the philosophy of Navigate on Trust, this way of moving through life means living with a greater intelligence. Instead of force and hurry, to move in organic space and time. It also means constantly embracing and expanding into life, instead of resisting.


This way of navigating is what Fenja has been exploring for more than a decade now. What she discovered is that trust is like the fertile soil of life—a great spring of power that feeds love, evolution, authenticity, complexity, and innovation. Something that propels an overall more meaningful, content, abundant, and happy life.


In this Live Podcast Series, Fenja explores how other conscious leaders and leading creatives are applying the philosophy of trust to their lives, mind, work and business. How they, consciously or unconsciously, trust to commit to doing what they love while embracing certain uncertain factors in life. How problems can serve as opportunities in the great journey of unfolding. How to stay conscious and connected under the restraints and possibilities of modern living.


Join Fenja in these heart-to-heart conversations with her fellow navigators.


01. Navigate on Trust 

with Mrs. Ciccoricco

In this first episode, Fenja speaks with the Dutch California-based artist Natalie Ciccoricco. Natalie became a thriving artist—not by hard effort or—but simply by exploring what felt right, going for the heart-felt need to create, and by just showing up. She now weaves together new narratives on paper which she regards as her personal form of meditation. Together, we explore your life journey into trust and creative unfolding. 

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02. Navigate on Trust

with Casper Stubbé

After writing his book “Walking in two worlds”, Casper Stubbé is on a journey of discovery to the oldest living trees and forests of the world. His purpose is to accelerate the transition to a new paradigm by using Ancient Ecology as his guide. For Casper old trees helped him to get unstuck. They often provide knowledge, guidance and courage. His journey (and his book for that matter) is all about trust and a new way of living, Together we speak about his journey along the old forests and trees, sustainability, moving from doing to being, embracing uncertainty, and of course, trust.

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03. Navigate on Trust

With Leslie Ryan McKellar

Sunday, July 3d, via Insta Live

11.30am Amsterdam/Paris/Berlin

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