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What if we would restore our complete trust in life? What if we would move away from a system of fear and control, and instead, surrender to each unique authentic path that life is offering? 


Trust as a spiritual practice is what Fenja has been exploring for more than a decade now. To come home into a fundamental feeling of trust that washes all our existential tension away. This kind of trust is the fertile ground for our great unfolding—the well-spring of power that feeds love, evolution, authenticity, complexity, and innovation.

In this Podcast Series, Fenja explores trust in mind, life, body, relationships, work and business. She speakwith conscious leaders and leading creatives about how to step into this evolutionary potential. Committting to doing what you love while embracing the uncertain factors of life. How problems can serve as opportunities in the great journey of unfolding. And how to stay conscious and connected under the restraints of modern life?


Join Fenja in these heart-to-heart conversations with fellow navigators.

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05. What do I feel and what do I want? The body as stepping stone into trust.

Navigate on Trust with body worker and tantra teacher Reynold Wybenga

04. The existential movement of expansion and contraction—coming home into body and life

Navigate on Trust with Iva Samina—lover, healer, wild, empowered and grounded woman with a deep focus on sexual empowerment and birth.

03. Stepping into the wholeness of being; move through life with light and aliveness.

Navigate on Trust with photographer Leslie Ryann McKellar

02. Being guided by the wisdom of trees and the deep calling to do what is necessary

Navigate on Trust with writer, adventurer, and energy worker Casper Stubbé

01. Taking baby steps to who you are meant to be

Navigate on Trust with artist Mrs. Ciccoricco

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