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Envisioning trajectories

Bringing new visions to life. Supporting you, your business, or project as it transitions from vision to potential; from a fear-based system to one based on trust; from a worldview of separation to one based on interconnection.  Aligning your words, values, visuals, products, and innovations with the new story that you wish to convey.

Because a new degree of personal consciousness is frequently accompanied by a new vision and mission for the world. We now realize that we can become co-creators, stewards of the planet's well-being, and conscious participants in the evolution of consciousness.

Envisioning that new stage allows us to take action—to trust and connect with the opportunities in our lives. In this path, we will visualize and verbalize your vision. We transform your ideas and stories into frameworks, principles, and strategies. We look into the intersections of your project, its evolutionary potential, and its connection to the larger whole.

Over the years, Fenja has worked with a variety of social and lifestyle brands, and non-profit organizations, as well as with creative and innovative entrepreneurs.

focus points

of envisioning trajectories


Creating webs of connection that are
templates for new consciousness.

A vision for the future

Imagine a world where everything we design and create is consciously connected: to nature, to spirit, to life, and its sustainable cycles. This is Fenja her personal vision—a compilation of ancestry, nature, technology, art and (slow) design inspiring creators, curators and communities re-establishing our connection to the greater whole. 

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