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“Ultimately, there can be no complete healing until we have restored our primal trust in life.”

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—Georg Feuerstein




In custom-made trajectories, through group programs, the written word, public speaking, and other meaningful interactions Fenja aims to radically raise trust and elevate consciousness. She does this at the intersection of timeless knowledge, daily practice, and the connection to the field beyond words.


Her trajectories, words, and guidance provide applicable insights and practical wisdom tools to help expand awareness, reconnect to your inherent wholeness, and embody your highest vision of self.


An invitation to walk between the dynamic lines of spirituality, self-transformation, mindfulness, meditation, the quantum field, innovation, complexity, and leadership.



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Transformational tools, practices, and programs that to elevate consciousness, embody wholeness and radically raise trust.

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Individual trajectories and group programs designed to uncover and unfold each of our unique purpose for life, the vision we would like to bring forth in the web of interconnection.

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Expanding consciousness

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Stay Tuned

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“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

Fay Salinas

“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

Erika Huff

“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

Zakir Gregory

nothing is under control.

Still the mind Webinar

3 tools to still the mind

A personalized retreat: find space, direction, and clarity - The Netherlands/Morocco



I find myself using tools I learned from Fenja almost daily. Just in the last 24 hours I’ve found myself in a situation that has caused me anxiety, and instead of trying to distract myself from the anxiety or resolve things as soon as possible, I’ve been allowing the feeling of discomfort, locating it in my body, breathing into it, and simply noticing all the ways my mind is scrambling to “handle” or get rid of the situation. It feels a whole lot like self care on a deep level! Her wisdom has truly been a lifeline for me.

01. Navigate on Trust with Mrs. Ciccoricco

Taking baby steps toward who you are meant to be.


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Ons openen voor het mysterie van het bestaan

Er zijn ontelbare vormen van meditatie, mindfulness, yoga, en spiritualiteit. Veel van deze benaderingen, zo niet alle, zijn ongelofelijk waardevol. Maar, hoe waardevol ze ook zijn, ze zijn niet per se allemaal gericht op hetzelfde. Sommige technieken zijn er om meer rust en stilte te brengen. Anderen zijn er om meer levendigheid en geluk te brengen. En weer anderen zijn bedoeld om stress of angst te verminderen. Een paar van deze benaderingen zijn ontworpen om ons te openen voor het mysterie van het bestaan, om ons over te geven aan het leven, om te ontwaken. Het openen voor dit bijzondere mysterie is de focus van Fenja's werk en haar levensfilosofie in vertrouwen.

01. Navigate on Trust with Mrs. Ciccoricco

Taking baby steps toward who you are meant to be

In this first episode, Fenja speaks with the Dutch California-based artist Natalie Ciccoricco. Natalie became a thriving artist—not by hard effort or—but simply by exploring what felt right, going for the heart-felt need to create, and by just showing up. She now weaves together new narratives on paper which she regards as her personal form of meditation. In this conversation, Nathalie and Fenja speak about how to take those practical steps towards doing what you love, doing what you are made for, including how to deal with setbacks, negative convictions, and meeting problems on the road.


listen to this episode also on:


As a trust guide and consciousness thinker Fenja is interested in our human quest for connection and development—in relation to ourselves and the world around us. In her trajectories, she shares her many years of experience, tools, and insights in the development of consciousness, as a practitioner of mindfulness and meditation, as a researcher of culture, psychology and sociology, as an art director, and as an adventurer of life. In the intersection between universal wisdom and personal challenges, she focuses on finding that point of stillness in the daily dynamics of an interactive life. In her programs and trajectories she takes people and projects on a journey. Deep into the core of things, and from there, outwards, into the world again.

In her work Fenja integrates ancient wisdom, modern science and creative-strategic thinking from a design thinking perspective. She draws from her more than decade-long study of science, world religions, energy-work, psychology, philosophy, meditation, consciousness, design, and quantum physics. Besides this, her work is deeply inspired by the thinking structures of Jiddu Krishnamurti, the work of Jean Houston, Jude Currivan, and more indigenous knowledge systems. She also uses energetic healing techniques such as Kundalini Yoga, Reiki and ancient Tibetan and Aboriginal techniques taught by Jose Machado. She builds her overall guidance on the evolutionary psychological framework of Clare Graves and uses heart-related practices from the Heart Math Institute and the international heart community, the late Terry Patten's New Republic of the Heart.

But, perhaps, most of all her guiding force comes from personal experience with life, death, loss, happiness and the great road into the realization of consciousness and connection.

 Life is Too Short

to Be Bored

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fear/trust; deep reflection & creating clarity; grief/transformation; tension/relaxation; resistance/acceptance; leadership & quantum field; mind, heart & evolutionary potential; innovation, purpose & (business) development.


The life-philosophy for awaking leaders and leading creatives in the busy modern-day world.


"Door het programma kreeg ik een duidelijk besef van de negatieve patronen van mijn geest en het effect hiervan op mijn leven. Het inzicht dat ik ervoor kan kiezen om me niet met de geest te identificeren, heeft me een gevoel van hoop en vrijheid gegeven en ik ben enthousiast om mijn bewustzijn nog verder te versterken met behulp van de verschillende tools die ik heb gekregen."

Ehud Neuhaus, yoga docent, Amsterdam

"I raad deze cursus aan iedereen aan die opzoek is naar rust van binnen, zijn of haar pad, die het innerlijke huis schoon wil maken of simpelweg van het leven genieten vanuit een authentiekere plek."

Reyna Oleas, Social Innovator, Galapagos Islands

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Wat anderen ook ervaarden

+ Het besef dat vertrouwen al aanwezig is, je hoeft er alleen maar contact mee te maken

+ Het gevoel een praktisch framework te hebben gekregen voor meer geluk en balans

+ De transformerende werking van meditatie ervaren

+ Meer magie in het leven 

+ Maakte contact met hun binnenwereld

+ Leerde de taal van het hart kennen

+ Durfde de controle los te laten

+ Voelde zich minder gebonden aan specifieke uitkomsten

+ Deden meer door minder te doen

+ Lieten omstandigheden niet meer bepalen hoe ze zich voelden

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