Monday, June 30, 2014

Ecuador, nos acurrucamos

During my last week in Ecuador I learned a crazy sounding, unpronounceable, but very beautiful, new word that exactly described my relationship with Ecuador - the country where I lived in, and travelled through during the last 12 months. ACURRUCARSE. Acurrucarse literally means to snuggle up to, to crack a bottle, and even has a relationship with the Swiss-German word for flew - gruppy - so meaning to get caught by it.

We started our travel in South America without set plan almost 2 years ago. No plan, but we had one thought: that we wouldn´t go back to Ecuador. Roberto and I met each other during my holiday in Ecuador a few years ago, he lived there for a very long time, and I went back to visit him there quit soon after I met him the first time, so we thought we´d seen it all. 

But, somehow our road let us again to the small country of immense diversity... And although we went back, our thought never was to stay for a long time. But "nos accurucamos." We snuggled up, we cracked its bottle and we got caught by it. To my believe we experienced Ecuador in any possible way: we travelled its roads, we met its wide variety of people, we saw the good and the bad, we received what she had to offer, and she took what she wanted from us. 

We are leaving after a year of snuggling, with many memories, things, and many, many new life experiences to go. From El Verde (our green Volkswagen), surf, new gained skills, friends and family, and a travel program, to first hand experiences of South-America's famous corruption, disappointments, dishonesties, and disillusions – an indivisible union to really, truly, know her, and a reflection of life´s inseperable polarity and rhythm. All together it brought us a bit further to where we wanted to go: to freedom and happiness. So acurrucarse is exactly what we did, and for which I am grateful… I´ll miss it, and not. And I hope to see her next time.  

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