Friday, July 26, 2013

Nomadic lifestyle

Being on the road intensified my interest for nomadic lifestyle and in specific shelters. On my Pinterest board Nomadic Lifestyle I gather traditional and contemporary nomadic inspiration, which sometimes leads to interesting insights ...

With the word 'nomad' or 'nomadic lifestyle' we often think about ancient desert nomads or North American Indians, not aware of the fact that these cultures are also developing themselves into new times, such as the Moroccan nomads of Taragalte Concept (photo 1) and the Kola Sami of Russia (2). But also the culture of the sixties - the hippies who brought a new touch to the nomadic lifestyle with their unmistakable caravans and campers (3) - seems nowadays to be rediscovered.

Artists and designers start to build new forms of nomadic homes, such as Jay Nelson and Kevin Cyr (4 and 5) - some as a response to an unstable future, but also as a reaction to a newly found Romanticism, a tendency towards nature, and 'getting out'. Some merely end in romantic dreams (6), but others in real life adventures, such as Navigate on Trust (7) with old given tools, such as the VW bus. 

The nomadic and romantic tendency can also be found in more 'ordinary' expressions, such as new holiday destinations (8, Carrie the caravan; and 9, Tree Camping in Germany), but also in high-end design, such as the off-the-grid home designed by famous architect Renzo Piano (10) and newly found outdoor nomadic workspaces, and interior objects (11, container workspace by Andreas Stavropoulos (would love to have one later!); and 12 HUSH tent by Freyja Sewell). All together an eclectic mix of exiting nomadic shelters of the future!

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