Saturday, June 29, 2013

An up-cycled modern nomadic home, our shabby chic Volkswagen Kombi 1971!

The first post is a great opportunity to introduce the place where I will be living ... After having been guests in many different households, we have decided to trade our lovely guest beds for - hopefully likewise - lovely guest backyards. We bought - as they say here in Ecuador - a 'casa rodante', a rolling house. The last month I have been working very hard to up-cycle this green Volkswagen Kombi from, yes ... 1971, into our nomadic home. The reason? We want to go even more into the wild, and be more free in navigating during our travel. And of course whenever we want park the car, grab our tent, and get out even further. But now, first of all the documentation of the up-cycle process. The original camper decoration was already long gone, which for me was fine, because I like to decorate :). The result: shabby (and eco!) chic, all recycled materials, and yes, it is basic, but it has all we need. Great sleeping space (even to be turned into space for 4!), a kitchen, storage, a nice cosy couch for the cold days, electricity for the modern nomad gadgets, and an outside shower heating on the sun. What do you need more?!

This is how the car was when we bought it, including a photo of the old owners who had the Kombi for 20 years(!), and where sad to say it goodbye, but very happy with the new adventure it is preparing to meet. Also you see the main material used for the up-cycling of the car, old fruit boxes which can be found all over the city of Guayaquil. 

For now a picnic cooler, maybe in the future to be replaced with a refrigiator. On the right the Ecuadorian (the country of the bananas) a banana hanger. How cool?!

And not to forget, our super comfi bed. You pull the upper plate of wood, spread out the 3 piece mattress, and there's the bed!

Of course, still a thousand things to do, wish and want, but for now, let's hit the road! And thanks to Volkswagen for creating these affordable and lasting campers! We will be off to Peru soon, and also a lot of Ecuadorian stories to share. So see you soon! 


  1. Wow Fen wat ziet you busje busje er comfi en stylish uit!!! Ik krijg ook helemaalzin om er mee op pad te gaan en dat terwijl ik niet eens zo'n enorme nomad ben! Echt heel vet gedaan! En wat een leuke blog!

  2. This is by far the prettiest home Kombi I have seen.

  3. I would love for you guys to decorate my camper van whenever I get one :)

  4. I have been lusting to get my hands on a rv and totally re-do it! You did such a cool job, I'd love to see more pictures :)

  5. I am simply amazed by your van transformation. What a gorgeous living space, and so much more accessible when getting into the wild!



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