Thursday, October 22, 2015

Navigate on Trust in the Campervan diaries on NEST MAG

We have been out of the air for more reasons we like to admit (some of which we will share on the blog in the time to come), but luckily the lovely online magazine NEST MAG did a nice story about Navigate on Trust on their website. Personally we like the piece a lot, and think it explains a bit more about the philosophy behind out journey.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Inner Light

A little while ago I read an amazing story. A story about how moral heroes, modern intellectuals, and ancient see-ers are often coming to similar conclusions about unexplainable forces that seem to be at work. It is a story about light... 

While still a student the French Jacques Lusseryan led a large resistance movement in Paris during the Second World War. Unfortunately, in 1943, Jacques was arrested by the Gestapo, betrayed by a member of his resistance group. He was sent to Buchenwald concentration camp with 2000 other French citizens, of which only he and 29 others would return. In prison Jacques kept organising groups and helped to motivate the spirit of resistance. But, truly amazing as this might be - the acts of a young person under extremal circumstances - he did this while totally blind and, according to himself, only guided by an absurd but powerful inner light. He wrote the following of his amazing finding...

"This was much more than a simple discovery, it was a revelation.…I was aware of a radiance emanating from a place I knew nothing about….I felt indescribable relief, and happiness so great it almost made me laugh. Confidence and gratitude came as if a prayer had been answered. I found light and joy at the same moment, and I can say without hesitation that from that time on light and joy have never been separated in my experience….Still, there were times when the light faded, almost to the point of disappearing. It happened every time I was afraid….Anger and impatience had the same effect, throwing everything into confusion….But when I was happy and serene, approached people with confidence and thought well of them, I was rewarded with light….Armed with such a tool, why should I need a moral code?….at every waking hour and even in my dreams I lived in a stream of light….Light is in us, even if we have no eyes."

According to the Romanian historian Mircea Eliade "the inner light that suddenly bursts forth after long efforts of concentration and meditation is well known in all religious traditions," however some illuminative experiences occur spontaneously, like Jacques' - as a matter of fact even some 5 percent of the American population has them, resulting them scoring exceptionally well on tests of psychological health.

And so our quest for stories of light continue, investigating what it is, what is does, and more importantly where it comes from, and of which the coming weeks we will post, hopefully, a lot more.   

- Fenja

Thursday, April 30, 2015

What is light?

Like Einstein, we wonder...

The coming weeks we will share a few stories of our (re)search of light.
Answers might not be found. Questions may be multiplied. 
But it is the quest that matters.


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