Thursday, October 30, 2014

We are online!

We are very happy to present our new website! We went from blog to a bit more: a mind-map, travel-map, the video's and photography we made throughout the last years, some driving tips, and of course we continue our weekly blog. Also we tuned the style a bit - inspired by colours found in nature, such as stones and shells, and a bright yellow reflecting our loved Verde. We hope you like it, and keep enjoying the road with us!

- Roberto & Fenja

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Above 4000 meters - the Altiplano

Above 4000 metres things look different. The Altiplano - the Andean High Plateau of South America, is after Tibet the largest high plateau on earth. The mountain range crosses from from Chile, into Peru, Bolivia, and the last parts - however not officially the Andes - run into Ecuador and Argentina. Already for years I have been coming back to it, exploring different and the same places, as I find the landscape, the nature, the people, and the air (sometimes quite literally) breath-taking. So, I would like to share some visual inspiration gathered over the last years, of my still ongoing search of life, land and light.

 Chivay, Colca Canyon - Peru

San Pedro de Atacama - Chile

 Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve - Bolivia
 Salar de Uyuni - Bolivia
 La Paz - Bolivia's capital 

 Cusco - Peru
 Isla del Sol - Bolivia

 Potosi - Bolivia
 Isla del Sol - Bolivia
Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve - Bolivia

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What do you want to be when you grow up?

If you have the time, try to listen to the story of this little fellow. I was so happy when somebody showed me this video, because the last years - as I am getting in the female scary age of 32 and thinking about having children seems to becoming appropriate - I am also thinking, if these children might come, of how I would like to raise them. More and more often I start to have doubts towards the current school systems, and question if they really provide us with what we need to learn in life, and if not much what we really need to know, how to live a beautiful life, is not taught ... and so its good to hear that there are examples, different examples of educating the little ones, such as Logan - who's parents didn't put him into school but decided to educate him themselves... And see the result of this young, inspiring and smart wordly kid who teaches us how to become healthy and happy.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Off the eaten track

Let's play a little game: take a look at the photo's below and guess where they are from ...

photo by Javier Baz
photo by Oscar Durand

... Rome, Paris, Brooklyn New York? Nope, it's Lima, Peru's capital to be exact. Maybe your thought of Peru was slightly different than this - something like old ladies with colourful clothes walking through the street, markets full of strange, if not terrifying food (the Peruvians are famous for their Guinea Pigs), and traffic shooting from every street corner ... Yes that's also Lima, or Peru in general, but Lima is - like may developing world capitals - also hot, hip and happening. A growing middle class with the same, and if not higher living standards than most people in the West, rules - resulting in exiting and thriving neighbourhoods like these, Miraflores and Barranco. Contemporary museums, funky cafes, hot restaurants (actually restaurant Central - arguably Peru's best - is ranked number 15 of the 50 best restaurants of the world), as well as buzzing street life, pop-up shops, clubs and what not can be found all around. But, Lima's food may illustrate best what is going on around the world: things intermingle, things are getting the same, likeminded things can be found in seemingly different places. Because Lima's traditional and local cuisine combines fusion techniques making new but old flavours that cannot only be found in the place of origin,  but allover: in London, New York, Buenos Aires, San Francisco - cities where hot Peruvian chef's have opened their restaurants. The thing I am saying is that the developing world is not what we think anymore, or maybe it has never been, and old cultures are existing along modern ones, where the modern ones are getting more and more alike, and take their best things around the world. Kofi Annan said "that arguing agains globalisation is like arguing against the laws of gravity", so maybe its time to embrace the world as a whole, that is starting to beam a vibrant mix of all that exists.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Navigate on Trust - it's never too late

You might wonder if the photo below is of my mother ... my grandmother ... or a far-away aunt sitting comfy on the couch in the Netherlands, sending me greetings and love from a personalised-postcard... But nope, none of the above. Because this lady I certainly can add on our list of inspiring people navigating on trust: Dalia, Israeli, Hebrew teacher, backpacker, 69 years old. Dalia is by herself on a 4 month trip through South America. A little while ago Dalia took a trip by herself to India, but now "before I turn 70, and I maybe will have the feeling it maybe is too late I wanted to make this trip to South America. I really hate group travelling, in a herd as one of the sheep, and most of the people of my age are too afraid to take a travel like this on their own, so I decided to do it by myself. The only way to advance is to confront your fears and go" said Dalia. When we met she was just a week in Peru, and slowly continuing her trip to Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Brasil - on her own, with her backpack, open for adventure. "I don't believe I am 69, and I don't believe I am in South America" she added laughing.


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