Monday, December 15, 2014

PERK - handmade traditions from Bolivia!

Sometimes things just come perfectly together. During separate travels my good friend Karin and I both fell in love with beautiful bright Bolivian blankets called 'cama's', and maybe more importantly with their equally beautiful bright history that goes back hundreds of years, and of which even some pieces have survived the passage of time. So when I during my last visit in Bolivia, called Karin - not knowing that she even knew about these textiles - the decision was easily made: let's do something. And so PERK was born. Starting with a collection of bags and blankets from Bolivia - honouring the country, the people, and a fading tradition - and with a shared passion for travel, adventure, and handmade products, ending who knows where.

Please visit our site to read the history of the blankets and its makers:,
or get your own piece of Andean history in the PERK shop.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

An ode to uncertainty - 2 years on the road

Today is a milestone for us. For Roberto and me. For navigate on trust. 
Because today is the day we are two years on our way.

To what?
To where?
We don’t know, exactly.

And this is the whole point: not. exactly.

Because what we didn’t know then is that our philosophy actually relates to the ancient wisdom of uncertainty – a belief that says that without uncertainty and embracing the unknown, life will be just a simple repetition of a path already walked. It becomes the sequence of past recollections, our individual and communal past conditioning together – something just not very evolutionary. Accepting uncertainty on the other hand, can be used as a tool to activate creativity and freedom, to create something fresh and new, to find one’s life purpose, to step into the field of all possibilities.

So instead of being on a quest hunting for the known, unknowingly Roberto and me put this ancient wisdom to the test with our motto of navigating on trust; let’s see what will happen when we don’t have a plan, when we don’t exactly know what, how, when and where. And even when we don’t have all the money on the bank get there. And what happened was this: life took us along on an exiting road full of adventures, developments, mysteries, and lessons to learn. A road no matter how beautiful, surprising, or difficult, always turned out to be for the best for us. Projects, people, and money magically appeared when needed, as if somebody out of sight was secretly taking care. Life lessons popped up, supplies appeared, all as in the art of magic. But, the rule to it all seemed to be: no hurries, and no worries – as these two all too common routines seemed to block the road. Literally. 

But maybe most important thing that happend, is that in the unknown we found a layer of new meaning. Life felt like being freed from the pre-planned, exactly organised, and mapped out. What doesn't mean it was free from our intention or desire to create, to get somewhere – on the road or in life in general – but the acceptance that there are multiple ways to a destination. That the present is ever flexible, ever changing, always open to various possibilities. The road looked not just looked like a random occurrence of events, but a path steadily going to somewhere we needed to be, accomplished by our simple philosophy navigating on trust – having that little faith into the unknown, and ourselves. Something that in an ever changing world, maybe is the wisest thing to do.

So today an ode to uncertainty, to navigate on trust. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Wanna ride? Future nomadic camper homes

If you are thinking that travelling in an old ’71 Volkswagen is a big deal … well then I have to say, there are travellers and travellers, and there are cars and cars. Because some people take traveling vehicles to the next level, like artist Jay Nelson, who shows us a glimpse of the future of nomadic travelling.

This little ride is the Golden Gate. Eco, comfortable, beautiful. The Golden Gate is an electric car made out off fiberglass, plywood, bike parts, and an electric motor. It can take you along for about 20 kilometers on one battery charge, and goes up to 35 kilometers per hour. And however only 2.50 meters in length, this ride is fully equipped: sink, stove, cooler, storage cubbies, toilet, a bed and storage below the bed. All of the controls are in the steering wheel, and the driver sits cross legged while operating the vehicle. A perfect weekend ride for those who want to hit the road.


This is beautiful truck is a 1986 Toyota Pick Up, a custom camper and work truck, and as you can see not only fully equipped for working, but also for cooking, surfing, sleeping, living. The woodwork and the design is beautiful, and must be a delight to be in. If we would have a little extra car cash, we surely would wish Jay Nelson could work with us on a second version of our Verde (which is of course beautiful, but surely has some room for improvement)! Jay Nelson is currently working on a slightly similar truck for the beautiful brand Patagonia. On instagram a nice first drawing was there, and hopefully we can keep following the process.


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