Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Preview of stop 2 El Viaje in Ecuador

A short preview of the second stop of El Viaje Ecuador in the coastal village Engabao, where we are visiting and take a peek into the lifes of Swedish-Ecuadorian couple Nadija and Daniel.

Aquí se encuentra el trailer en Español
Hier vind je de Nederlandse preview

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Soleils sustainable architecture

In the North of Peru, Los Organos, we were invited to stay with the amazing Peruvian surf-family Aguirre who have the equally amazing Soleil Bungalows. The heads of the family, Mayza and German, decided 15 years ago - despite wishes and opinions from family, friends and career objectives - to move indefinitely to the desert of North of Peru, where at that time there was almost nothing beside a small village, sand and dust. But as one of the first they saw the potential of the area, and an opportunity to not only develop their family, but also develop their business. In this day the area developed into a vibrant mix of local and foreign tourism to enjoy its many natural treasures, such as the Cerro del Encanto, wale watching, and surfing. The architect and use of materials in the hotel of the family inspired me, something that I hadn't seen in this part of the world before. The use of raw and natural materials is simple but amazing, and in an area of desert and ocean blend in perfectly. Here some material inspiration of the hotel and the surrounding architecture.

German with daughter Sol / Myaza with daughter Alana

 Soleil's use of material

Friday, August 8, 2014


Living more and more with nature's rhythm and flow, and closely following the moon cycles, last month for the first time we consciously took a small expedition to see an almost yearly phenomenon - the Supermoon - on de mountain top in Los Organos, Northern Peru. The walk, the mountain, and the sunset itself were at least to say magical, but the rising and illuminance appearance of the enormous moon made this night even the more special. A supermoon is a full, or a new, moon closest to the earth in its orbit, and appears about every 14th full moon. This year there are as many as three Supermoons, one in two days, on August the 10th and one on September the 9th. The Supermoon of August is expected to be the most remarkable of this year. Here a short visual reportage of our last month expedition - hopefully an inspiration to take one again in a few days ...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

El Viaje, sneak preview first episode

I could tell a hundred stories about our program El Viaje, but instead I will say nothing. I will only show a small teaser, and a sneak preview into the first episode, something we worked so hard on for the last 6 months. We put the first episodes also in English and Dutch, instead of only Spanish. The teaser is in English, for the other languages see the links under the video.


Aquí se encuentra el trailer en Español
Hier vind je de Nederlandse teaser

Friday, July 18, 2014

Practice the art of living - happiness vs pleasure

In the book that gave me a lot of good insights 'the art of happiness' I found a very simple, but very effective decision-making-techique that helps to tackle any dilemma, question or decision to take. The question of pleasure vs. happiness... On one side we find pleasure. Call it an enjoyment or delight, a sensual gratification, worldly connected or not, pleasure is something that has been investigated throughout centuries by theorists, philosophers and psychologists alike. Its pro's and con's are topic of discussion, many looking at the sustainable and destructive effects it can give us. But, investigated or not, pleasure is a feeling or state of mind we all know, and each experience in our own way. From taking a long hot shower on a cold day, a luxury dinner in a exclusive restaurant, a drink or two too much, a rush for more money or fame, rolling in the social wheel of acceptance, you add on the list ...
And on the other side of the question we find happiness. And although finding pleasure may differ from person to person, happiness is something we are all looking for. We call it love, peace of mind, or maybe our life purpose. It is the encouraging feeling of our soul, a simple and quiet place. But unlike pleasure, happiness is a state of mind that not all of us might be familiar with. And, consciously or unconsciously, many times we, ourselves, are contributing to the negative result through our decisions. So therefore this simple question that can be a powerful tool in our decision-making process. One that teaches us the real art of living. One that might involve some scarification of our pleasure, some words of discouragement here and there, but for sure a steady step to where we want to go.

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